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As an IdeaJudge Member, you can post the ideas you like from the IdeaJudge app to your company’s business page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks.

Your company’s followers and your colleagues can post the ideas they like from your business page to their social networks. You’ll reach a staggering number of people!

You can display your company’s details

You can display your company’s details when you share ideas from IdeaJudge to your social channels. It continues to display when others post the ideas on their social networks.

You can display:

  • Your company’s name
  • Your name (optional)
  • Your company’s logo (or your photo)
  • Nature of business
  • Website address

You increase brand awareness and attract more visitors to your company’s website. When people tap on your website address, they gain direct access and learn more about your company’s products and services.


Key benefits when your colleagues help

Substantial social reach

Employees have on average 10 times more social connections than their company (Source: MSLGroup).

Leads developed through employee social marketing convert 7 times more frequently than other leads (Source: IBM).

Very little overlap with your company

98% of employees use at least one social network (Source: Weber Shandwick).

Only 2-8% of employee social networks overlap with company networks (Source: WeRSM).

More trust among friends

84% of consumers value recommendations from friends and family above all forms of advertising – And, 77% of consumers are likely to make a purchase after hearing about it from someone they trust (Source: Nielsen)

Customers referred by employees have a 37% higher retention rate (Source: Deloitte).

Easy to implement

Simply send your colleagues a message

An example message you can send

Dear Colleagues,

A new app called IdeaJudge recently launched. It’s a way to see innovative ideas by people from around the world and to share the ideas on social media.

The purpose of IdeaJudge is to inspire innovation for the greater good. Innovation creates products and services that help people. It leads to jobs and new businesses and improves the quality in the way people live. It benefits society.

The app allows an IdeaJudge Member to display the name and logo, nature of business and website address of their company in the content of the ideas a member shares from IdeaJudge on social media.

As an innovative company ourselves, we support the mission of IdeaJudge and will be posting ideas from the IdeaJudge app to our company’s Facebook Business Page.

Please share the ideas you like from our Page on your social networks. You’ll help inspire innovation and you’ll promote our company in a powerful way.

To join as an IdeaJudge Member is free. For more information on the app go to


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