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    How to build a culture of innovation in the workplace

    Creating a culture of innovation and growth is a challenge, albeit necessary. For your employees to feel as though their work is rewarding and fulfilling enough, it’s important to foster a work enviro...

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    Should your business be an IdeaJudge member?

    The marketplace has some great products and solutions that help businesses grow. IdeaJudge is one of these. We offer your business a marketing and innovation solution and essentially a powerful tool f...

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    What is cause marketing and why should you invest in it?

    In a world where many people are disillusioned with the systems of leadership, it has become the responsibility of private enterprise to try to change the lives of the communities around them. This is...

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    Why IdeaJudge?

    There are numerous inventors and innovators all over the world that contribute new ideas daily. Unfortunately, many new ideas don’t get to have a shot at being brought to life, because their crea...

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    The idea that started IdeaJudge

    One Saturday morning some years ago as I was working in my garden, I found it annoying that after putting the trash in a plastic bag, it tended to get overloaded and I could not tie it closed.

    I wonder...

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    Why we have a Friend-to-Friend Program

    The World Economic Forum lists the following as being the ten major social issues confronting humanity as seen by millennials:

    1. Climate change/destruction of nature.
    2. Large scale conflict/war.
    3. Inequality -...
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    How your IdeaJudge page adds value to your business

    An IdeaJudge page is unlike any other social page for your business. The value we provide is truly unique and relevant, now more than ever. Here is how we make this happen.

    Social pages provide visito...

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    How IdeaJudge helps inventors

    When I decided to pursue my new idea, (read more about the idea that started IdeaJudge), I faced problems.

    They were:

    • Money to finance the patent process to protect my product idea. (It was a trash bag...
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