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Our social mission

The mission of IdeaJudge is to inspire innovation for the greater good. Innovation creates new businesses and jobs. It improves the quality in the way people live. It benefits society.

How IdeaJudge inspires innovation is to show new ideas by inventors from around the world on the IdeaJudge app. People cast their vote, highlighting ideas with potential. They can share the ideas on social media, encouraging entrepreneurs to bring the ideas to market – creating new businesses and jobs.

Why join IdeaJudge as a business member?

Your business is seen to be helping inspire innovation for the greater good

By displaying the IdeaJudge icon, your website visitors see you are helping to inspire innovation – leading to new businesses and more jobs – improving the quality in the way people live.

You gain more customers

Research shows 89% of today’s consumers prefer to buy from a business that supports a social cause – and helping to create economic opportunities and jobs is seen by consumers as a high priority social issue.

You gain more followers

You can display the IdeaJudge icon by itself, but if you are already showing social network icons on your website, e.g. Facebook or Twitter, display the IdeaJudge icon with them – it will influence more of your website visitors to follow you on these social networks.

You are seen to be innovative

On seeing the IdeaJudge icon, your website visitors associate your business with innovation – an association that increases sales.

Your customers will see that you are helping make the world a better place – inspiring customer loyalty

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Business membership fee

IdeaJudge business membership is only US$20 per month. To display the IdeaJudge icon is quick and easy. You select the color and size of the icon and we provide you with one line of code you insert in your website.


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