Make it easier for your employees to share knowledge.

How it works - Knowledge Sharing.

Questions & Answers

  • From their IdeaJudge dashboard, your employees can post work-related questions.
  • If a question is already answered the system immediately shows the answer.
  • Employees can post answers to new questions.

Q&A Knowledge Base

  • The system creates a searchable Q&A Knowledge Base, helping employees quickly find answers, increasing their knowledge and productivity – which increases the profitability of your business.
  • It also avoids employees answering repeat questions, saving time and frustration.

Content sharing

  • Employees can share documents, articles and videos produced in-house, or what they find on the internet that are relevant to their jobs or your business.
  • Sharing content increases employee knowledge.


  • Employee submissions can be flagged by any employee.
  • When submissions are flagged, it disappears and cannot be seen by employees.
  • A notification is sent to your company's administrator to allow or disallow flagged submissions.

Employee Awards

  • Employees earn badges in recognition for their participation. They earn badges for popular ideas, for most liked comments on ideas, for most liked answers to questions, and more.
  • Employees can see the badges earned by colleagues by clicking on their profile photos.
  • Badges earned show employee engagement in "going the extra mile" to improve and grow your business.

Your key benefits

  • You reduce employee interruptions - saving time and employee cost.
  • You increase knowledge sharing - increasing the skills, productivity, efficiency and expertise of your employees.
  • You build and retain collective knowledge - you don't lose their knowledge when employees leave.

Boost your Social Responsibility & Marketing.

IdeaJudge membership shows your business is inspiring innovation for the greater good, gaining you more customers.

Transform your business and the world at large in two easy ways.

  • For the Employee Ideas and Knowledge Sharing solution, simply invite employees to join your Ideas Team.
  • For the Social Responsibility and Marketing solution, simply display the IdeaJudge badge on your website.
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