Be a business that inspires innovation for the greater good.

Positive Social Impact

IdeaJudge is a platform where your business inspires innovation for the greater good, leading to business growth, job creation and many other social and economic benefits to society.

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How it works - Social Responsibility.

IdeaJudge Badge

  • Displaying the IdeaJudge badge on your website (alongside your other social network badges) associates your business directly with innovation - a key driver of sales.
  • The badge also shows your business is helping to inspire innovation for the greater good. Consumers prefer to support businesses that have a positive social impact.

Your IdeaJudge Page

  • The IdeaJudge badge links to your IdeaJudge page, which features your logo and business details.
  • Your page highlights new ideas by innovators and inventors from around the world, in your preferred categories.

Featured Ideas

  • The ideas are curated by IdeaJudge, covered by patent applications and presented in a viewer-friendly format.
  • Visitors to your IdeaJudge page can cast their votes on the ideas.
  • The collective votes by the global community highlight the ideas with potential. This inspires innovation, business growth, job creation and many other social and economic benefits.

How it works - Marketing.

Social Media

  • Customers, visitors and employees can share the featured ideas they like to their social networks.
  • This builds brand awareness for your business.

New Ideas Alert Service

  • Customers and visitors can subscribe to a free New Ideas Alert Service, directly from your IdeaJudge page.
  • This service will send them curated ideas in their preferred categories, via a weekly email. This mailer features your logo, business name and a link to your website.
  • If you’d like to promote your products or services, IdeaJudge enables you to easily create and display ads in the emails.

Featured Employees

  • Employees can elect to have their photo and name displayed on your IdeaJudge page. This shows that your employees are actively involved in inspiring innovation for the greater good.
  • By frequenting your page and signing up for the New Ideas Alert Service, your employees can discover new ideas and identify opportunities to grow your business.

Customer Feedback

  • You can further boost your advertising by displaying your products and/or services on your IdeaJudge page.
  • Each product or service features a feedback button. This gives customers a convenient way to share suggestions on improvements to your products or services, providing you with valuable feedback that contributes to your business’s innovation and growth.


  • We automatically update the ideas on your IdeaJudge page, compile your weekly alert service and send it to your subscribers, and we send you all customer feedback on your featured products and services.
  • We also provide you with detailed analytics, such as the number of badge clicks, ad views, visits to your website, and more. These insights enable you to track performance.

Transform your business and the world at large in two easy ways.

  • For the Employee Ideas solution, simply invite employees to join your ideas team.
  • For the Social Responsibility and Marketing solution, simply display the IdeaJudge badge on your website.
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