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IdeaJudge helps you capture the ideas and knowledge of your employees that grow your business — and provides you with a social responsibility solution that gains you more customers.

IdeaJudge is for innovative businesses - big and small.

What is IdeaJudge?

IdeaJudge is a platform where your business inspires innovation for the greater good. It’s a space where your employees are inspired to share their ideas and knowledge.Watch this video to learn more.

Why IdeaJudge?


You obtain a system that captures the innovative ideas of your employees that improve and grow your business.

Knowledge Sharing

You obtain a system that creates a searchable Q&A Knowledge base, increasing the knowledge and productivity of your employees.

Social Responsibility

You obtain a social responsibility solution that attracts customers and boosts their loyalty to your brand.

How it works - Employee Ideas

Encourage Employee Ideas

  • Because your employees are close to your customers, processes, products and services, they can identify innovation opportunities that can improve and grow your business.
  • IdeaJudge helps you encourage employees to share their ideas and consolidates all ideas in one place.

Invite Employees

  • You invite employees to join your company's Ideas Team.
  • The Colleagues function on your IdeaJudge dashboard shows who has joined.

Ideas from around the world

  • From their IdeaJudge dashboard, your employees can see thousands of new ideas by innovators and inventors from around the world. The ideas are covered by patent applications and presented in a full-color, viewer-friendly format.
  • Seeing the ideas will inspire employees to submit their ideas that can improve and grow your business.
  • They may also discover new ideas that are opportunities for your business.

Anonymous Idea Submissions

  • Employees have the option to show their identity or be anonymous when submitting their ideas. They can change their preference at a later stage if they choose.
  • Anonymous submissions help employees receive unbiased feedback from colleagues.
  • Employees can upload an image and description of their ideas.

Open Sharing of Ideas

  • The Ideas function shows all ideas aimed at improving your company’s processes, products or services – as well as completely new ideas put forward by employees.
  • Employees can view all submitted ideas.

Voting and Commenting

  • Employees can cast their Yes or No votes on the ideas.
  • Voting is anonymous.

Highlight Ideas with Potential

  • After casting their votes, employees can give their comments.
  • An employee’s identity is shown when they comment on an idea.
  • Votes and comments highlight ideas that have the potential to improve and grow your business.

Showcase Popular Ideas

  • The popular ideas function on your dashboard shows all the ideas that received a majority Yes vote.
  • If the employee who submitted a popular idea opts in to showing their identity, it will be displayed in the idea’s details section.

Action Notifications

  • A notification is sent to employees once a day showing new ideas submitted during the past 24 hours. This enables employees to cast their votes and give feedback.
  • Notifications showing popular ideas are sent to your administrator, enabling them to decide next steps. For example, assigning an employee or team to further evaluate or implement the ideas.

Your key benefits

  • You increase employee engagement, ownership and accountability.
  • You facilitate better decision-making.
  • You increase innovation – increasing the competitiveness and growth of your business.

Facilitate easier Knowledge Sharing.

IdeaJudge helps you create a searchable Q&A Knowledge Base, helping your employees quickly find answers to work-related questions, increasing their knowledge and productivity – which increases the profitability of your business.

Boost your Social Responsibility & Marketing.

IdeaJudge membership associates your business directly with innovation, gaining you more customers.

Transform your business and the world at large in two easy ways.

  • For the Employee Ideas and Knowledge Sharing solution, simply invite employees to join your Ideas Team.
  • For the Social Responsibility and Marketing solution, simply display the IdeaJudge badge on your website.
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