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By judging ideas on IdeaJudge, you give great ideas the wings to fly - and you promote your business in a powerful way

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You help inspire innovation for the greater good


Ideas shape the course of history. It creates businesses and jobs, improves the quality of life and ultimately propels the world forward


On IdeaJudge, you see ideas by people from around the world. Some ideas appear very ordinary, almost ridiculous - others appear to be brilliant!


By casting your vote on the ideas, you help to highlight the ideas that have the potential to succeed in the marketplace


Share these ideas on your personal social network and/or on your company's social business pages


You are seen to be inspiring innovation for the greater good


You will gain more followers - growing your business

See innovative ideas on IdeaJudge

You see a picture and a description of the ideas - most are not yet products. New ideas are added daily.

You can search categories and see ideas in your areas of interest

Cast your Yes or No vote for the ideas

You see the collective vote by the global community. It highlights ideas with potential and encourages people from around the world seeking opportunities to improve on the ideas or bring it to life by obtaining a patent license from the inventors.

You can save the ideas you like to your favorites


Share the ideas on social media

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Your family, friends, followers, and connections will see the ideas, can cast their votes and share the ideas with their social networks. It's fun and inspiring to participate.

Post to your social business pages

If you have a business page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social network, you can post the ideas to these pages as well. Your company's followers and your colleagues will see the ideas, can cast their votes and reshare or retweet the ideas to their social networks.

You are seen to be inspiring innovation for the greater good


Your membership is displayed

As soon as you tap the share button, your IdeaJudge Membership is displayed inside the content of the ideas, showing:

  • Your company's name
  • Your name (optional)
  • Your company's logo (or your photo)
  • Nature of business
  • Website address (or social business page)

No matter how viral the ideas go, your details continue to be displayed, promoting your business


IdeaJudge is exclusive

Only members can share ideas from the IdeaJudge app.

Only you need to be a member on behalf of your business. Your colleagues can share the ideas you post to your company's social business pages from there to their own social networks. This way, your business saves on membership fees.

As an IdeaJudge Member - you help inspire innovation for the greater good and you promote your business in a powerful way!


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