Introducing IdeaJudge: Increasing engagement, productivity and innovation

Imagine a workplace where every employee ...

One platform offering an Ideas Hub, Q&A Forum, Knowledge Library, Employee Directory & Profiles, Peer-to-Peer Recognition, Automated Newsfeed, Gamification and Analytics.
IdeaJudge is free to use for as long as you'd like.

Watch the video for an overview of all the features and benefits of the IdeaJudge platform.

Why IdeaJudge?

Increase expertise
Capture employee Q&A and insights into a comprehensive Knowledge Base, promoting continuous learning and increasing expertise.
Fuel innovation
Encourage the sharing of employee ideas, all captured in an Ideas Hub, fostering innovation and driving business growth.
Boost engagement
Build a strong sense of belonging with a Newsfeed that showcases company updates and employee contributions.
Easy implementation
Enjoy a user-friendly platform that’s quick to implement and easy for employees to adopt.

Great features only on IdeaJudge.

Drive Innovation & Growth.

  • With IdeaJudge, employees can effortlessly share their ideas for improving your company's processes, products, or services. All ideas are captured into an Ideas Hub, highlighting those with the potential to transform your business.

Increase Expertise & Productivity.

  • Employees can post work-related questions and receive expert answers from colleagues, all stored in a searchable Q&A Forum. They can also share resources, from in-house documents to industry insights, stored in a searchable Knowledge Library.

Boost Engagement.

  • From their IdeaJudge dashboard, employees can access a Newsfeed showing company updates and employee contributions such as ideas, Q&A, recognitions, and work-related content. It’s the heartbeat of employee engagement.

Elevate Your Brand.

  • IdeaJudge enables you to participate in a meaningful social responsibility initiative that inspires innovation for social good, enhancing your brand.

Experience the Transformation.

  • You cultivate a strong sense of belonging and shared purpose with IdeaJudge. You increase employee engagement, expertise, productivity and innovation, driving business growth.
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