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The mission of IdeaJudge is to inspire innovation for the greater good. Innovation creates new businesses and jobs. It improves the quality in the way people live. It benefits society.

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You are associated with an important social cause.


You can share the ideas you like on social media to help inspire innovation for the greater good.


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See new ideas by inventors & innovators from around the world

Most of the ideas are not yet developed into products or services. You see a picture and a description and can download the full patent application. New ideas are added daily.

You can discover new opportunities

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You immediately see the collective vote by the global community, highlighting the ideas with potential. It encourages entrepreneurs to bring the ideas to market, which can lead to new businesses and more jobs – benefiting society.

Your vote helps to highlight ideas with potential

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Share the ideas on your personal and/or business social networks. Your family, friends, and followers can cast their votes and share the ideas with their social networks. Some of the ideas may be an opportunity for someone in your network.

You share content that is unique and engaging – inspiring innovation


You are associated with an important social cause

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