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You see the images and description of the ideas. Most of the ideas are not yet products. You can explore a wide range of categories and see ideas in your areas of interest.

Cast your vote

You can cast your Yes or No vote for the ideas. The collective vote by the global community highlights ideas people like. You can save the ideas you like.

Share the ideas on social media to help inspire innovation

You can share the ideas with your friends and followers. They can cast their votes and share the ideas with their friends and followers. Your votes help to highlight ideas with potential, inspiring innovation.

Why is innovation important?
Innovation improves the quality in the way people live. It creates products and services that help people. It leads to jobs and new businesses. It benefits society.

Display your company’s details with your photo and name in the content

You can display the name, nature of business and website address of your company with your photo, name and bio in the content of the ideas you share. It continues to display when others forward the ideas to their social networks.

You help promote your company

When people tap on your bio, they learn more about your skills and interests. When they tap on your company’s website address, they learn more about your company and its products and services.

Benefits of using IdeaJudge

  • You see and share innovative ideas.
  • You are seen to be part of a positive social cause.
  • You help promote your company, irrespective of your job title. Bosses love this. You are seen to go the extra mile to benefit your company you benefit your career in a powerful way*

* 86% of employees who promote their company on social media as part of a formal program say it positively impacts their career. Key benefits are: expanded professional network, attract new business for your company and more career opportunities. Source: Hinge Research Institute.


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