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Attract more customers.

With IdeaJudge, you elevate your social impact, foster global innovation, and attract more customers by creating opportunities for others.
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Your IdeaJudge badge: your symbol of impact.

  • The IdeaJudge badge associates your business with innovation and social responsibility.
  • It shows your dedication to creating opportunities for others and making a positive social impact, enhancing your brand's reputation and encouraging people to engage with your business.
  • Display the badge on your website alongside your other social network badges (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and others).

Your IdeaJudge page: creating opportunities.

  • The IdeaJudge badge links to your IdeaJudge page. It features a continuous stream of curated, patent-pending ideas by inventors from around the world, in categories you select.
  • Votes by the global community highlight ideas with potential, creating opportunities for collaboration and innovation, leading to business growth, job creation and socio-economic benefits.

The marketing power of your IdeaJudge page.

  • Social media: Your customers, employees and website visitors can share your IdeaJudge page on their social networks, promoting new ideas they like, and increasing your reach and brand awareness.
  • Promotes your business: Your IdeaJudge page displays your logo and business details.
  • Your products/services: You can feature your products and/or services, providing advertising benefits.
  • Customer feedback: A feedback facility provides direct feedback on featured products/services.
  • Alert service: Viewers of your page can subscribe to a weekly email that shows new ideas.
  • Promotions: The email alerts also promote your business and products/services.

Your key benefits by joining IdeaJudge.

  • Amplify your social impact: : You showcase your commitment to social responsibility on a global platform, enhancing your brand's reputation.
  • Create opportunities: Your involvement creates opportunities for others, leading to social and economic benefits.
  • Gain more customers: You obtain a comprehensive marketing service that grows your customer base.
  • Automated service: The service is fully automated, saving you time and effort while delivering continuous benefits.

People love IdeaJudge.

IdeaJudge showcases genuine social responsibility. Highly recommended for businesses aiming to grow their customer base while making a positive impact.
Jason Lane
Sales Director
Seeing inventive ideas keeps me inspired and motivated. Voting on ideas makes me feel like I'm part of something bigger.
Lauren Batista
Chief Financial Officer
IdeaJudge is a fantastic platform for idea exchange. Voting on ideas is not only exciting but also fulfilling knowing it helps to create opportunities for people.
Wally Schroeder
Retired Business Owner
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