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Lourence invented a new product, going through the process of patenting his invention (US Patent No. 5 246 110) and successfully licensing his invention to several companies in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Wayne has started and run a number of technology companies in the telecommunications and distribution markets. Wayne is also an advisor to a number of businesses.

Robert holds a Master’s Degree in software engineering and has been in software development for the last 15 years.

Jacques is a qualified CA (SA). After his time with PricewaterhouseCoopers, and years as Chief Financial Officer and Director in the aviation and insurance industries, Jacques has followed his passion for innovation and joined IdeaJudge in 2017.


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Jacques Greyvenstein

How IdeaJudge makes a difference

IdeaJudge gives everyone the power to influence and inspire innovation to the benefit of society. Feedback by users of IdeaJudge highlights ideas that have the potential to be great innovations, providing opportunities to entrepreneurs and market leaders, leading to new businesses and job creation and many other social and economic benefits to people across the world.