About Us.

Our mission

Globally, the lack of economic opportunity and unemployment are seen as major social issues facing humanity.

IdeaJudge’s mission is to play a role in helping to create economic opportunity by inspiring innovation. Innovation leads to business growth, job creation and many social and economic benefits to society.

Our story

Some years ago, Lourence our founder, invented a refuse bag, obtained a patent to protect it and licensed the commercial rights to several companies across the world. The product has been a great success, creating employment and business growth for the companies that were licensed.

This experience showed Lourence how effective an innovative product can be in creating economic prosperity. Wanting to make a positive difference in the world, Lourence decided to create IdeaJudge to help inspire innovation.

IdeaJudge helps in two ways:

  • Employees are a company’s most important resource that can produce innovative ideas to improve and grow their company’s business. IdeaJudge created an online system that enables employees to easily submit their ideas on improvements to their company’s processes, products and services. Fellow employees can vote and comment on the ideas, highlighting the ideas that can improve and grow their company.
  • The second way IdeaJudge helps is to enable businesses to show new ideas by inventors and innovators from around the world to their employees, customers and website visitors, who can vote on the ideas and share the ideas they like on social media. Votes by the global community highlight the ideas with potential, creating economic opportunity. This is a social responsibility solution that associates participating businesses directly with helping to inspire innovation for the greater good – a positive association that gains businesses more customers.

We believe innovation is the key to economic growth and businesses that join IdeaJudge will grow and prosper and benefit society.

Founding Team

IdeaJudge was founded by four individuals, who are each pioneers in their respective fields.

IdeaJudge is the brainchild of inventor, Lourence Greyvenstein, whose invention is successfully patented and licensed to various companies in the USA, Europe, Canada and Australia.

Lourence’s passion for innovation and pushing boundaries is also shared by Wayne de Nobrega, who is an experienced businessman in the spheres of tech and telecommunications. Wayne also plays an advisory role in a number of other businesses.

Robert Oswald, a software developer with over 15 years of experience, is responsible for bringing the IdeaJudge vision to life. With 15 years of experience in software development, Robert knows exactly how to bring an idea as ground-breaking as this one to the web.

A qualified Chartered Accountant, Jacques Greyvenstein, has years of experience in finance and as a former Chief Financial Officer. His insights and passion for growth and innovation, made Jacques the perfect addition to the IdeaJudge team.

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