How your IdeaJudge page adds value to your business

Written by IdeaJudge Team

An IdeaJudge page is unlike any other social page for your business. The value we provide is truly unique and relevant, now more than ever. Here is how we make this happen.

Social pages provide visitors with a human perspective of your business, which your website cannot easily do. You can take viewers ”behind the scenes”, showing pictures and videos of your employees hard at work, or just having some fun around the office. They also help tell your story, express your company culture and give updates on your products or services.

These are some great benefits, but if you would like to take trust and loyalty toward your business to the next level, IdeaJudge is the way to go.

What makes IdeaJudge different?

Your IdeaJudge business page provides viewers with a completely different, yet essential perspective of your business. They get to see the “social responsibility” side of your business.

Today’s consumers, especially millennials, consider it essential that businesses do more to make a positive difference in the world. They easily switch their loyalty away from a business that does not “go the extra mile” to help solve society’s social and economic issues, to support a competitor that does.

How an IdeaJudge page adds value

Your IdeaJudge page shows viewers that your business is practising social responsibility. It shows you are part of a global community where businesses, employees and the public alike help inspire innovation for the greater good, and create economic opportunities for others.

Your IdeaJudge page displays new ideas daily from inventors and innovators around the world. The ideas are covered by patent applications and curated by our expert team. Viewers are encouraged to vote on the ideas they see, creating a global community which highlights ideas with potential, inspiring innovation. Innovation leads to business growth, employment creation and many other social, environmental and economic benefits.

Your page can easily be shared by your employees, customers and website visitors to their social networks. This enables more people to know about your business’s involvement in inspiring innovation and change, making them want to be associated with your brand.

IdeaJudge provides you with a fully automated service. Simply display the IdeaJudge badge on your website. When clicked, this badge takes visitors to your IdeaJudge page, where they can enjoy a continuous stream of new ideas.

Additional benefits

In addition to the marketing and brand-building benefits your IdeaJudge page provides, you can also discover new ideas yourself, providing opportunities to grow your business.

You can display your own products or services on your IdeaJudge page. This expands your advertising opportunities, and enables your customers to give you valuable feedback.

Your IdeaJudge page visitors can subscribe to a weekly email alert service, which sends new ideas in categories of their choice straight to their inbox. This service helps you strengthen relationships with your subscribers, and help turn them into customers.

Why join IdeaJudge?

By showing your business’s social responsibility side through your IdeaJudge page, you make a lasting, positive impression on potential and current customers. You build relationships that grow your brand – all while helping inspire innovation for the greater good.

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