Increase workplace engagement and collaboration.

You elevate workplace experience.

Where recognition, collaboration and continuous improvement thrive.
Watch the video for an overview of Peer-to-Peer recognition.

Recognition & motivation: boosting workplace morale.

  • Experience the power of our Peer-to-Peer Recognition feature. You elevate morale and create a thriving, positive work environment where accomplishments are celebrated.
  • Employees can exchange compliments, championing each other's successes and fostering unwavering support.
  • Plus, with badges and points earned for active engagement, employees can gauge their achievements, driving participation and motivation.

Activity graphs: visualize platform performance.

  • Our graphs offer a visual representation of platform usage, empowering you to track progress and measure impact.
  • You can identify and give recognition to top performers who propel your company forward.
  • Employees have access to their personal graphs to track their performance.

Colleagues directory: building strong connections.

  • IdeaJudge makes it effortless to craft a searchable colleague directory.
  • Colleagues get to know each other better with photos, names, business email addresses, and bios.
  • This powerful tool strengthens workplace relationships and cultivates a sense of community and connection.
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