Unleash collective wisdom – knowledge sharing at its finest.

Your most critical asset.

The knowledge of your employees is your most valuable asset. IdeaJudge helps you capture, safeguard and leverage this critical intellectual asset that drives business growth.
Watch the video for an overview of the features and benefits of the Q&A Forum

Q&A forum: your knowledge exchange.

  • From their IdeaJudge dashboard, employees can effortlessly post work-related questions, even anonymously if they prefer, and receive expert answers from colleagues.
  • Every question and answer are captured in a searchable Q&A Forum, ensuring that valuable insights are preserved.
  • This dynamic tool empowers employees to learn more skills, increasing their expertise, as well as save time in finding answers, enhancing their productivity.

Knowledge library: your gateway to expertise.

  • Employees can document their knowledge, as well as contribute resources, from in-house documents and insightful articles to external industry wisdom.
  • With content preserved in a searchable Knowledge Library, employees can pinpoint the information they seek, saving precious time and supercharging productivity.
  • Sharing enriches employee knowledge and expertise, fostering a sense of ownership and motivation.
Watch the video for an overview of the features and benefits of the Knowledge Library

Content moderation: uphold quality and professionalism.

  • Quality is paramount and our Content Moderation tool ensures that.
  • Any idea, question, answer, or shared content can be flagged by any employee.
  • Flagged items disappear immediately and your administrator can review and manage flagged items, guaranteeing your platform maintains the highest standards of excellence.

Unlock your key benefits.

  • Retain valuable employee knowledge: The searchable Q&A Forum and Knowledge Library preserve the knowledge your employees bring, ensuring it doesn't vanish when they depart.
  • Boost productivity, efficiency and expertise: Easy access to the searchable knowledge base equips your employees with the resources they need to excel, boosting productivity and efficiency across the board.
  • Foster a learning organization: You stay at the forefront of your market by nurturing a learning culture that thrives on knowledge sharing, collaboration and innovation.
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